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Building a network of people to monitor the water network

At Networking Water we're promoting a community initiative to monitor the quality and quantity of the intermittent water supply in developing countries.

Intermittent - not continuous or steady.

A lack of data on water distribution can make it very difficult for water utility managers to understand problems linked to intermittent water supply. 

Become a citizen scientist and help us collect data on your water supply, to make a measurable difference in data science!


Oxford Dictionary

Citizen scientist- the collection of data by members of the public, typically as part of a collaborative project with professional scientists.



Networking Water was created by a team of researchers from the Civil Engineering's Centre for Doctoral Training at Imperial College London.

We realised that there wasn't enough data available for our research to have an impact, so we started the Networking Water community initiative.

Networking Water is a strictly non-profit initiative meant only to advance academic research.

We are in the business of changing the way we approach research on water supply: by taking part in our Volunteer Organization, you can help generate valuable data that will demonstrate that crowdsourced information can make a significant contribution to science and management.

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You're a scientist, you just don't know it yet!

Do you live in an area where water delivery is unreliable?

Volunteers come in all shapes and sizes, and we take all of ours very seriously. Volunteer with us to monitor your water supply, contribute to our research...and get a little something from it along the way!



Partner with us

Are you a company interested in endorsing our work? A utility manager who would like access to our data?

Would you like to partner with researchers from Imperial College London? 

We strive to build productive relationships. Contact us to discuss how we can help each other.



Don't be shy! Get in touch with Networking Water to learn more about our research and how you can get involved, in small or big ways.

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